We understand fuel

We can supply specialist fuel for racing and critical application. High octane, or high cetane, low emission fuels that will clean your engine as they work.

So whether you want a clean agricultural fuel for the new Harvester, a moisture tolerant fuel for marine applications, a low odour smokeless paraffin or a methanol fuel for your V12 dragster. We can help.

At the pump, premium diesel fuel is superior to standard diesel fuel.  Premium petrol is superior to standard.  Premium fuels from the pump contain more detergent and additives than standard fuel. This helps to improve an engine’s combustion performance. Depending on the engine, use of a premium fuel usually results in an increase in performance . The additional detergent currently included in major retailers fuel is still barely enough to retain a clean engine on most fuel systems and engine types, and the vast majority fail to actively remove existing deposits. A lot barely affect MPG . Even vehicles that solely use premium fuel continue to accumulate deposits in the combustion area, emission components (EGR, DPF), and intake manifold, intake valves.

Even with premium fuel It is common to encounter variances in quality with fuel from the same station. From what we understand of other retailers’ distribution agreements, they call for stations to sell fuel from the nearest refinery in the area, regardless of the brand. Additive packs are then added at the refinery, or sometimes directly into the station fuel tanks. Regular tests can reveal startling differences in fuel octane and cetane.

Caldo offer quality and consistency for those to whom low emissions, low odour, increased consistent performance, better MPG and engine life are important.

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